The Love of a Baby Girl

I was married in the early 2013. I was unaware of the fun facts of a child in life. I was a rock star in my own self, hell i was carefree till the day i hold a little baby girl in my hands for the first time. Is it a good change? i asked my wife. She looked at me with a smile and roll her face over to the hospital bed.

The thought to be a daddy makes me feel … amm a little confusing at the time, but a good one. Her little hands i hold, that soft touch, was beautiful and different. She looked at me with completely no response, i thought to myself is she afraid of being in the hands of a complete stranger. Her mother womb was her whole world for 9 months. Suddenly, she put a little yet noticeable smile on her face for a fraction of seconds and face back. i was shocked, glad smiled back and thought to myself ” The rapport has started to build”.

I was now a father, a responsible man who was programmed to provide security and love to this little piece of flesh to which i have never been associated in my life.

Days passed, i feel her movements go mature, she started to smile often, move her fingers, even hold my nose and face both in her hands so tight, coating my fingers with her saliva, OMG!!! i could never let it happen to my myself for anyone then why this does not feel so disgusting.

My whole life started to change, scarified my social circle for this little girl. Her thoughts made me feel happy during my work hours. I used to come early to meet my girl.


I cannot explain to myself but the way i used to be the horse for my ride, different funny faces i make to see a single smile on her face, i do not mind her peeing on my bed, watching a dirty diaper every hour my wife used to garbage, i think i will never gonna do this for any one else.

Yes i am in love and i was … the first time my wife got pregnant, or before that when there was no sign of the baby girl. The feel is so intense and powerful, i could not escape through its boundaries. Her shrine, fragile touches, her eyes full of explorations and discovering new things made me proud to be a father of such a beautiful girl.

My life has changed and i loved it. This new addition to my family gave me entirely new experience in life and i would always pray to GOD to never end this LOVE OF A BABY GIRL.